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Comforting Massage

This massage session ended just like Mason Wyler wanted. This is what happens when you put two hunks in the same room barely wearing any clothes and rubbing one another, of course, they are going to fuck their asses. All that rubbing only made them hornier and after that, there was only one thing left to do. The comforting massage happened yesterday when Mason was complaining to a friend about these back pains. The guy he was complaining to was a masseur so he offered to help him out. This isn’t the first time he massaged him but they never went further. Something happened today and we couldn’t be happier about it. Things went pretty smooth between them and before you know it the hot and horny masseur was butt naked rubbing against Mason Wyler ‘s fine body. Needless to say that this turned them both on and the preview below is the best proof of that.

We think that this hard ass fuck is just what Mason needed for his back pain. If you check the entire gallery below you can also see Mason sucking off his hot masseur’s dick and then getting his dick sucked off as well. There’s a lot happening over there, so we recommend you make yourself comfortable because it’s going to be a really long day. The guys brought us a bit of everything so make sure you check it all out. See you guys tomorrow with another hot update!


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Mason Wyler and Andrew Blue

Mason Wyler has a new guest and his name is Andrew Blue. The hot hunk found a new guy to fuck around with. This time everything happens in Mason’s bedroom, that’s why everything looks so familiar. Our hunk Mason wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to bang another hot hunk and to share it us all. The jock didn’t have to work at all to get this one and as it happens most of the time, everything worked in his favor. Our hot hunk Mason was getting back home this morning when he found this dude in front of his doorstep. He is a friend of a friend that needed a place to crash for the night.

Mason wasn’t going to let the guy sleep outside so he took him in, called his friend to see if he was actually telling the truth. Everything cleared up so he took him to one of his room but the new guy didn’t spend a lot of time in there. After the guys had a few more beers things really got heated between them so they moved the fun in Mason’s bedroom. Andrew was in charge of everything, he wanted to be the first to get a piece of that fine ass and Mason was even more excited to take his hard dick up his ass. There’s a lot happening below so be sure you check it out entirely. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s gay sex update!


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Baked Goods

Mason Wyler is the hunk you should follow, in case you aren’t doing that already. Besides his good looks, he also loves playing all kind of games, just look at him below getting fucked on the pool table. This is also one of the games he loves playing, he makes everything so much more interesting. Placing bets on a pool game is one of the things that he likes the most. Either way, he’s a winner, it really doesn’t matter if he is the one fucked or the one fucking the other dude, it’s still a win-win situation. This time the game didn’t quite go his way so the other guy ends up winning but he didn’t seem too upset about it. Who would be upset when you lose to such a hot guy? Mason sure isn’t! He can’t wait to get that hard dick up his fine ass.

So here you have them, butt naked, Mason is lying on the pool table waiting to take that hard dick. If you want to see how this one ended you have to see the entire gallery because there is a lot of things happening with these two. We know that you guys love MasonWyler and after this scene, you are only to love him even more if that is possible. Until next time make sure you check out some of the older updates as well. Enjoy it and stay tuned for more hot gay updates!


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Mason Wyler and Taylor Aims

Mason Wyler is back with a new scene for you guys. This time he brought a buddy with him. They were a bit horny so they ended up fucking each other’s butthole in this hot updates. Mason needed someone to help him move some furniture around the house. He wanted more free space in his bedroom and had to take out some of his useless furniture. After his buddy arrived and finished their work, they relaxed with a beer. Well that beer turned into six beers and they guys got a bit horny, so they ended up in the bedroom take advantage of all that free space. They just had to try out Mason’s new bed, although it wasn’t really big, it was the perfect mattress for the job. So Mason ended up fucking and getting fucked all over the room and we got our hands on the entire video, so you guys are in a treat today. If you enjoyed these hunks hammering each other’s asses you must visit for more hunks pounding each other’s buttholes. Enjoy it and see you later!

Mason Wyler & Taylor Aims

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Ripped Men – Mason and Tex

In today’s update we have Mason Wyler and his good old friend Tex banging each other’s fine asses. They were enjoying their night alone at Mason’s place, when Tex got a bit hornier and started hitting on Mason. Well these two really don’t need to much to get started and in no time Mason was all over him, kissing and undressing him in the same time, while Tex started playing with his cock thru his pants. they didn’t even got to the bedroom and end up fucking and blowing their hard cocks right there on the living room couch. The good thing with these two is that no one is in charge and everything could happen. If you enjoyed this scene you must visit  for more hunks pounding the hottest updates. Well until next time make sure you check out the entire gallery and tell us what you think about it. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time!

Mason Wyler & Tex

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Mason Wyler – Ass Fuck

Hey there everyone, Mason Wyler is a very new and fresh gay porn star that aims for the top of the industry. He does pack quite a serious cock and he always knows how to use it to please some other tight asses when the case needs it. Today Mason invited over a good and old friend of his that he always enjoys spending some time with. Thing is the dude lives pretty far away from him so he rarely gets a opportunity to visit Mason. Today however he took the time to drive the long road to his place to get together for a fun afternoon.

Once he reaches Mason’s place our guy is really happy to see his old friend and he invites him in. They spend tome time catching up to what they’ve been up to lately over a cold beer, but the guys slowly shift the talk towards sex, and spirits are starting to get hotter, just because they are crazy about getting their asses fucked, just like the guys from the schoolboysecrets blog. Soon enough though Mason just whips out his cock and his friend knows that this is the signal for the fun to begin. So watch as he sucks Mason’s cock and then see him put up his ass for a good fucking. A offer that Mason takes and pounds his ass balls deep. Enjoy guys!


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