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Mason and Aryx Quinn

Nothing compares to a little business affair or at least that’s what Mason Wyler and Aryx Quinn thought. These two had a blast sucking one another’s dick and then fucking their asses in that hotel room. This is a great way to celebrate a new partner and Mason is all in for this celebration. Mason loves recruiting new people to help him out and when he really likes someone he makes sure that he shows them a really nice time. And this way they can all show Mason just how grateful they are for the opportunity. That’s why in this one you are going to see Aryx doing most of the work for his new boss in the sack.  Aryx didn’t mind at all doing it because he really needed the job so this was perfectly timed and the right way to seal the deal.


Once they got in MasonWyler ‘s hotel room and the clothes came off Aryx started working on pleasing his hot boss and he started it all with a blowjob. The ripped jock then let his horny boss get a piece of his tight ass. It was the perfect ending to seal the deal the right way. But there is a lot more that you need to see, so don’t hurry anymore and make sure you get to see them all. You didn’t really think that was all of it right? Mason has a few more surprises prepared for you.

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Mason Wyler and Parker London

Mason Wyler has a new guest and you guys might remember him from some of the older updates. Anyway, his name is Parker London and as you can see he’s smoking hot and doesn’t mind taking a hard dick up his ass from time to time. Like we said earlier the guys have meet before so this isn’t one of those awkward situations, there are no surprises here, everyone involved knows what to expect. After their intense first meeting the guys just had to have a part two. This one also took place at MasonWyler ‘s house and you guys are going to see them nail those fine ass one more time. They didn’t even bother to do upstairs and kept all the action on the stairs.

Like we said earlier both of them knew what to expect and Parker couldn’t wait to get another turn on that fat dick and to get his perfect ass drilled one more time. Mason was waiting for the same thing so the guys skipped everything else and once they were both completely naked, Parker made he shows Mason just how much he wants that hard dick. If you check out the entire gallery below you can see everything that goes down between these two and a lot more so don’t be shy and take a look at it. You can also find Mason and Parker’s first scene in the previous updates.  Hope you like it and we’ll see you soon!


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Mason and AJ Irons

Well, now this is an outdoor activity you gotta love. It’s nothing like some outdoor fucking, especially when Mason Wyler is involved. But before we get to Mason blowing this guy’s dick let us tell you how he ended here. Everyone knows that Mason has his methods of getting guys and when he’s not in the gym he’s outdoor at games. He really likes athletic guys, but you must’ve noticed it in the latest updates too. The hot hunk really loves guys with great bodies, not just a nice smile and a great place to find them gotta be the field. Just look at this guy below, that ripped off body can you blame Mason? He is, of course, a football player and from time to time likes messing around with other dudes. Not a bad habit we might add and not surprisingly at all they both share the same hobby.

Well, this worked out perfectly for Mason Wyler because that’s just what he was going after. It’s no wonder that the guy was into Mason and they end up getting to know one another much better right next to the football field. The fact that they could easily get caught spiced things up for them even more. But at the end of the day, Mason delivered another amazing update and we get to see him again sucking and riding a dick and that’s always great news for us. We’re going to see you tomorrow for another scene!


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Mason Wyler and Kelly Taylor

Mason Wyler is no longer in charge in his latest gay sex video, instead the guest hunk Kelly Taylor is. The new hunk did whatever he wanted with Mason from making him sucking off his big dick to fucking his ass. It’s a bit weird to see Mason so willing to do anything for another guy. But let’s be fair, the guy is really hot so it’s kind of understandable. The moment he took off all of his clothes and Mason got a good look at that big dick, he would’ve did anything to get it and Kelly took full advantage of that. It was really fun seeing him boss around Mason and telling him how to suck his dick and bending him anyway he wanted to nail that fine ass.

But as you got used to, there is a lot of heat left for you guys to check out. We couldn’t show it all, but there is a gallery waiting for you. You don’t want to miss their backyard meeting and see hot Kelly hammering our hot hunk’s fine ass. THat’s something everyone should see, specially if you’re into MasonWyler. It’s great seeing your favorite pornstar getting fucked around and taking that fat dick up his ass and stretching it. There are a few older updates where you are going to see him getting fucked so you gotta check them out also. Enjoy it and see you soon with more gay updates!


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Mason, Jake, Brandon and David

Oh boy, aren’t you guys in for a treat today! Tell us when was the last time you got to see Mason Wyler in a foursome around here? It’s been a while right? Well that’s why we already know that you are going to love this scene, if you love seeing Mason with only one other guy, you must enjoy seeing him surrounded by four more hunks. There’s a lot of action around here and we know that you want to see MasonWyler in action. As you got used to Mason is the main focus so we are going to see a lot of him in action. The preview below is the best proof of that, just look at him sucking off this guy’s hard dick and the guy next to him doing the same thing.

This is the best thing about these foursomes, it’s a lot of action to check out and today is your lucky day because besides the picture gallery we also have a video for you guys. So you are going to see the entire action starting with Mason sucking off this guy’s dick to getting his ass pounded by all of the guys in that room and also fucking everyone in there as well. Mason, Jake, Brandon and David didn’t hold back from a lot of things so get ready to get your mind blown. Be sure you check it all out and tell us what you think about it. See tomorrow with the next gay update!


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Mason Wyler and Brodie

Another steamy update from the pool is here and this time we got Mason Wyler and Brodie. If last time Mason fucked his pool boy well this time he got a bit busy with his next door neighbor and when we say busy we mean busy sucking off his hard dick. This is what happens if you don’t mind your own business. This guy was lurking in Mason’s backyard to see what all the fuss was about. Seeing all those guys entering and leaving the house made him curious and although the answer was obvious he still wasn’t convinced. Mason noticed the guy the other day and couldn’t help but notice that this dude was there every single day. This seemed a pretty good opportunity to test out he nosy neighbor.

Talking wasn’t going to solve anything so he had to try out a more direct approach, he did it the MasonWyler way. He invited the guy over for a drink and from there on we all know what happened. If the guy was that curious Mason wanted to show him what happens behind the closed doors. Brodie and Mason spend their day next to the pool taking turns on pleasing one another, sucking off those hard dicks and pounding their asses. We’re pretty sure that the curious next door guy enjoyed the Mason way and that he’ll be coming back begging for more really soon. Until then be sure to check this one out!


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Intimate Session

Today you are going to see a more intimate session featuring your favorite hot hunk Mason Wyler. He’s not alone in this one as you can see from the preview below, Mason is busy sucking off his big dick. There’s no surprise that Mason picked this guy, he’s cute and all but that dick is what convinced him. No wonder why! Mason found this one at the gym he’s going to and after seeing the guy without a towel stepping out of the shower he knew that he had to have him. That’s why he loves going to the gym, not because it helps him get in shape but it’s the easiest way to meet new guys.

This is also the only way to get a full view of the guy you are taking home and this way you aren’t going to have any surprises in the bedroom. So it’s no wonder that Mason picked this one, he just wanted he needed and now there was only one thing left to do, find a way to get him home. The guy was also into dudes a direct approach is what got the deal sealed. The intimate session took place in his bedroom and as you can see, he can’t take enough of his hard dick and didn’t stop sucking until he got drenched in jizz. This is just a small part of what happened there so be ready to see a lot more in the gallery below!


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Mason Wyler and Brent Biscayne

Mason Wyler found himself yet another fuck boy to mess around with. Brent Biscayne is his name and as you can see this guy is all over Mason. These guys are already all over one another so don’t be surprised to see them taking turns on blowing one another and nailing their asses. As soon as the cameras started rolling these two were already all over each other and stayed that way for the entire scene. It isn’t hard to tell which of them is the horniest, just look at Brent in action. Mason is really trying to keep with him but this guy is on a completely different level. He just can’t keep his hands to himself, he’s all over Mason. But don’t feel bad for Mason, it’s not like he doesn’t like this. Trust us he is going to love what’s about to happen next!

He might seem shy at first but once the clothes are off we are going to see the side of Mason we all love. The jocks continued by pleasing one another and it didn’t took them too long until the guys started blowing one another’s dick and then taking them up their perfect asses as the cameras were still rolling. There’s a lot happening on that living room sofa and we insist that you check it all out. The link is waiting for you guys below so don’t be shy. Stay tuned because we got a lot more coming!


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Horny Animals

We know that you like seeing Mason Wyler in action and that’s why we have another scene for you guys. These two are literally two horny animals so it was fit that they spent most of the time hammering their asses. As you can see in the preview below Mason found himself a really hot hunk to mess around with and he didn’t want to waste too much time doing anything else. The two hot hunks moved the action in the bedroom and kept it in there. This gotta be one of the hottest guys Mason’s been with, him and the hot pool boy from the previous post. Cute face, hot body and loves taking dicks up his ass. After so many update we finally get to see Mason fucking a guy.


Not that seeing him get fucked was that bad but we wanted to him nail some dudes also. If you think the same way, this update is for you. Once the clothes were off we got to see just how hot he new guy really is and now we can’t wait to see him ride MasonWyler ‘s hard dick. It’s a show you shouldn’t miss out and we trust that you guys will check it all out by following the link below. There a few older updates that you can check out as well until Mason’s next update. Hope you like it and we’ll see you as soon as possible!

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Mason Wyler and Blu Kennedy

This time Mason Wyler had some fun with his hot pool boy, Blu Kennedy. Why hire a hot guy if you can’t bang him, right? That’s exactly what Mason thought when he saw this guy entering the room trying to get the job. Mason knew that one way or another he was going to fuck the new guy. He was by far one of the hottest guys that wanted the job, so it wasn’t such a hard job to pick and as you can see the hunk really appreciates his boss for it. The first few days Mason let the guy alone to do his job, he didn’t try anything with him. He didn’t want to scare him away so he kept everything professional. But that didn’t mean that he couldn’t check out the guy while he was working. But Blu knew what his boss had in mind so he helped him make his move.

It’s really hard to resist when you a hot guy shirtless working around your backyard and that’s what Blu had in mind. He made it harder and harder until Mason finally caved and got what he wanted from the hot young hunk. After he finished cleaning the pool he got a visit from the boss and he had a different agenda in mind for him. Without too many words the guys jumped to business and before you know it they were butt naked next to the pool taking turns on hammering one another’s ass. Not a bad way to spend the day if you ask us. We hope that you like it as much as we did!


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