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Mason Wyler & Christian Wilde

Mason Wyler and Christian Wilde are up to no good in this latest update. The two horny hunks are in the mood for some backdoor fun and as you can see nothing is going to stop them from getting it. Seeing these two hot and horny jocks jerk off one another’s dick lets us know that things are going to  be really hot. Every scene that has Mason in it is hot but now that we have two horny experienced hunk you can only imagine just how nasty things might get between them. If you like seeing hard dicks getting jerked off and sucked off then you must enter and see the hot updates. No matter where you turn there’s something happening around here.

Mason just can’t keep it in his pants and we all get to see that. Of course he was the one undressed Christian and he was also the first one to started wanking off his dick. But there’s no surprise there, that’s what you expect to see when you have Mason horny in the same room with another guy. It doesn’t even matter if the guy is into dudes or not, Mason is still going to get his. This was just the beginning for these two because Mason now couldn’t wait to get a piece of that fine ass and dump his load. Just by looking at the preview you already know that is going to be hot. Make sure you check it all out!

Mason Wyler & Christian Wilde

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Mason, Jake, Brandon & David

Another fresh new week and another Mason Wyler scene is here for you to check out. You know this guy fully well by now so you know just how he likes to play in his fuck sessions. Today he brings you another new and fresh content update with him along Jake, Brandon and David in a stunningly hot and juicy foursome scene with them fucking all afternoon long. Let’s get right to it and watch the action as we bet that you want to see this incredible foursome go down as well. So yeah, take the time to see the guys fuck in this gay orgy they have going down and check each and every single image for some amazing and hot scenes with them all here today!

Mason, Jake, Brandon & David

The show begins with all of them in the living room and by the looks of it all of them were superbly horny and eager to get to do some fucking here today. Check out the nice and sensual show begin with them undressing. And also check out as well to see naughty ts beauties getting naked too. But coming back to Mason Wyler and his fuck buddies, you can just sit back and relax as you get to watch them having some incredibly naughty fun this afternoon. We bet you will enjoy the sight of the guys getting to fuck one another in the ass all over the place and Mason is going to come back soon as well with some more new shows for you too!

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Mason & The Studding Twins

Today you are just in time to check out Mason Wyler in some more actiona s he egts to be at the center of another threesome. He gets to play with a pair of twins in this one and you can sit back and check him out being all over their big and hard cocks too. So sit back and watch the hot and horny Mason enjoying the company of these two guys here for the whole afternoon and see him showing off his amazing sex skills as always. What we can guarantee, is a sensual and sexy show with the three guys having a fun gay fuck this afternoon for sure. So let’s not waste time and get to see them get down and dirty with each other shall we?

Mason & The Studding Twins

As soon as the cameras begin to roll, Mason and his two fuck buddies make their entry to the living room and once there they are all happy to get things going by starting to undress Mason first and foremost and play with his body. And you know Mason loves special treatment as his scenes prove it quite clearly. Either way, soon after their little touchy feely session, Mason can be seen whipping out the dude’s cocks and you can check him out as he takes them on for a nice and good long sucking here today to make sure that they are all nice and hard. Once he gets done with all that, he gets right to recieving a good ass plowing too!

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Mason Wyler – Tasty Fun

Just like the previous post Mason Wyler started things the same way, sucking off another guy’s dick while that guy was doing the same thing. Mason loves blowing dicks and that’s obvious if you check out some of his older updates. The horny blond hunk found himself a broke guy in a bar the other day that desperately needed some cash. Mason decided to help the guy but he needed something in exchange for it. They met in a gay pub so Mason was sure that the guy was going to take on his offer. If you are into dudes why wouldn’t you get your ass hammered for some cash?

Most of them do it anyway and don’t get a thing in return at least this time he would get the money that he needed. So it was a good thing for both of them and everyone had something to win from it. Mason was horny as fuck, as he always is,so he took the guy straight to the bedroom and took care of business. After the guy started sucking off Mason’s hard dick, Mason returned the favor and started sucking his in the same time. Well, because MasonWyler was the one paying he was the first one that got to fuck his ass and he fucked the hell out of him. If we made you curious be sure you check it all out in the hot gay scene below and take a look at some of the older updates as well!


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Mason and Trent Locke

It’s been a really busy week for Mason Wyler, but luckily for him, Trent is here to help him out with everything that he needs. Those needs, of course, included a blowjob and a hard ass fuck, so get ready because it’s going to be a long ride. The jocks are going all in and you can see that in the preview below, just look at them blowing one another’s dick at the same time. This is what happens if you have two horny guys in the same scene and they can’t decide who should get his dick sucked off first. Instead of picking, they both started doing it and we think that was the best decision. You can only imagine just how nasty things got between them if they started it this way. You never know what to expect from Mason and that’s a good thing.


You can even tell who’s hornier between Mason and Trent because both of them are so eager to get their fine ass hammered that it’s really hard to pick. The horny guys continued their marathon with an intense ass fucking and you are going to see them both taking a hard dick up their tight ass and dumping their loads on one another. So buckle up because it’s going to be a crazy ride and this one is going to make your day a lot better. Hope you like as much as we did. Hope you like it so make sure you see the entire gay picture gallery!

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Studding Twins

The studding twins took care of Mason Wyler today. This is the first time we’ve seen Mason sucking off two dicks in the same time and to make it even nastier he is sucking off these hot twins. They all met with the help of their common friends and kicked it off instantly. As you can see in the preview below Mason was the star of this update, because the twins just didn’t let him get away so easily. The guys made him sucking off their dicks and didn’t let him get up until they dumped their loads all over him. The studding twins then double teamed him and made sure that his holes are filled all the time. While one of them was stuffing his mouth, the other one was busy pounding his ass. So we can easily say that Mason had a full day and the twins made sure of that.

It doesn’t happen to often to see Mason Wyler getting double teamed so this is pretty amazing and you should check it all out. We are sure that you guys are going to love this. It’s the first time Mason got fucked by twins and we are sure that the guys are going to be with the second part of this in one of the future updates. You can see the twins and Mason in action in the gallery below. This was all for today but we’ll see you tomorrow for more!


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Mason Wyler and Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy and Mason Wyler had a blast in this latest scene. The funny story is that Mason was actually looking after Patrick, but that didn’t last for too long. So instead of making sure that he doesn’t get into any troubles he thought it would be better if sucked off his dick. Mason was asked by one of his friends to look after his nephew, he was just back from college and he was a bit of a trouble maker so he had to make sure that he didn’t got involved with the wrong people. So they decided to stay in the house and tried to find some interesting activities to try out. We’re pretty sure that his friend didn’t have this in mind when he asked him for the favor but now at least both of them are entertained, the MasonWyler way.

It wasn’t too hard to figure out that he’s into guys and Mason took full advantage of it. The horny college guy needed some action and he got just that. Mason surprised the guy in his room jerking off to some porn and decided to give him a hand. It didn’t took too long until Mason ended up with his fat dick in this mouth and then up his ass. You gotta love these horny college guys and the great scenes they give us. You can see Mason and Patrick in the hot gay scene below!


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Mason Wyler – Penetrate Deep Inside

We keep on seeing horny Mason Wyler in action in these latest updates, but today he has a surprise for us because now he is the one getting that perfect ass pounded. We don’t know too much about this guy, but one thing is certain he loves slamming Mason’s ass. The hot new guy is just a random dude from a bar that Mason went last night and both of them were looking for a one night stand so this worked out great. Maybe it was the booze, maybe they were both horny as fuck, either way, things worked out for them. Mason took the cute guy to a hotel next to the pub and there the madness started. Before they hit the bed all of their clothes were off, jerking off one another’s dick and then the new guy showed Mason just how good he is the sack.

If you like hard ass pounding than this gay sex scene is perfect for you. There isn’t a lot of foreplay and that only means that there’s a lot more back door action for us to check out. When this guy said that he likes fucking asses, he wasn’t kidding as you can see. The guy really loves slamming asses and MasonWyler is going to remember this fuck for a really long time. Hope you liked it as much as we did and don’t forget to get back with more gay updates from your favorite jock!


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Mason and Manny Vegas

We told so many times that Mason Wyler loves outdoor activities. It really doesn’t matter what he does if he ends it all the same way, with him getting his mouth and ass fucked. This time Manny Vegas is here to help him out and after an off road ride things ended just like Mason likes it. The guys were in the mood for some fun but they had to find a more private place to do that, so a ride around the place seemed the perfect way to find that place. After they were far enough for the house, they stopped on this open area next to the forest and had some fun of their own. The hunks didn’t need too much time to get things started and soon after that they were butt naked and ready for some backdoor action.

MasonWyler was horny as fuck so he was the one that got a hard dick in his mouth and once it was nice and hard it was time to get that tight ass of his some action also. Manny just stood there and let Mason do whatever he wanted. The picture we have for you below shows you guys how it all started and we know you are going to check it all out. This is the best way to start your day and this will get you going all day long. You can thank us later. Enjoy and stay tuned for more gay sex scenes!


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Mason Wyler and Tex

Yes, Mason Wyler got himself a new guy to fuck and the guy is Tex. Tex is new in the business and everyone knows you can’t have a better start than this. The poor guy has been after Mason for so long that now that he’s finally here he can’t believe it. Horny Mason was horny as fuck so he remembered this guy and how desperate he was. It really didn’t matter who the guy was at long as he got a piece of that ass. Tex really didn’t was his type but he couldn’t get anyone else in this short amount of time. But we gotta give it to the rookie, he knows his way around a dick. That’s actually the first thing that surprised us all, just how good he is at sucking dicks and the most surprised, of course, was Mason.

Now that the rookie got his interest it was time that he show him how things are done in this business. Mason started jerking off the guy and before you know it he was literally all over him. That fine ass of his couldn’t get away and he had to hit that too, several times. That gotta be the best part of it, shoving it deeper and deeper in that tight little ass. In case you want to see it all be sure to take a look at the entire scene below by following the link! See you guys tomorrow!


See horny Mason nailing another tight ass!

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