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Mason Wyler and Tex

Yes, Mason Wyler got himself a new guy to fuck and the guy is Tex. Tex is new in the business and everyone knows you can’t have a better start than this. The poor guy has been after Mason for so long that now that he’s finally here he can’t believe it. Horny Mason was horny as fuck so he remembered this guy and how desperate he was. It really didn’t matter who the guy was at long as he got a piece of that ass. Tex really didn’t was his type but he couldn’t get anyone else in this short amount of time. But we gotta give it to the rookie, he knows his way around a dick. That’s actually the first thing that surprised us all, just how good he is at sucking dicks and the most surprised, of course, was Mason.

Now that the rookie got his interest it was time that he show him how things are done in this business. Mason started jerking off the guy and before you know it he was literally all over him. That fine ass of his couldn’t get away and he had to hit that too, several times. That gotta be the best part of it, shoving it deeper and deeper in that tight little ass. In case you want to see it all be sure to take a look at the entire scene below by following the link! See you guys tomorrow!


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