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Mason Wyler and Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy and Mason Wyler had a blast in this latest scene. The funny story is that Mason was actually looking after Patrick, but that didn’t last for too long. So instead of making sure that he doesn’t get into any troubles he thought it would be better if sucked off his dick. Mason was asked by one of his friends to look after his nephew, he was just back from college and he was a bit of a trouble maker so he had to make sure that he didn’t got involved with the wrong people. So they decided to stay in the house and tried to find some interesting activities to try out. We’re pretty sure that his friend didn’t have this in mind when he asked him for the favor but now at least both of them are entertained, the MasonWyler way.

It wasn’t too hard to figure out that he’s into guys and Mason took full advantage of it. The horny college guy needed some action and he got just that. Mason surprised the guy in his room jerking off to some porn and decided to give him a hand. It didn’t took too long until Mason ended up with his fat dick in this mouth and then up his ass. You gotta love these horny college guys and the great scenes they give us. You can see Mason and Patrick in the hot gay scene below!


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