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Mason Wyler and Brodie

Another steamy update from the pool is here and this time we got Mason Wyler and Brodie. If last time Mason fucked his pool boy well this time he got a bit busy with his next door neighbor and when we say busy we mean busy sucking off his hard dick. This is what happens if you don’t mind your own business. This guy was lurking in Mason’s backyard to see what all the fuss was about. Seeing all those guys entering and leaving the house made him curious and although the answer was obvious he still wasn’t convinced. Mason noticed the guy the other day and couldn’t help but notice that this dude was there every single day. This seemed a pretty good opportunity to test out he nosy neighbor.

Talking wasn’t going to solve anything so he had to try out a more direct approach, he did it the MasonWyler way. He invited the guy over for a drink and from there on we all know what happened. If the guy was that curious Mason wanted to show him what happens behind the closed doors. Brodie and Mason spend their day next to the pool taking turns on pleasing one another, sucking off those hard dicks and pounding their asses. We’re pretty sure that the curious next door guy enjoyed the Mason way and that he’ll be coming back begging for more really soon. Until then be sure to check this one out!


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