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Mason Wyler and Brent Biscayne

Mason Wyler found himself yet another fuck boy to mess around with. Brent Biscayne is his name and as you can see this guy is all over Mason. These guys are already all over one another so don’t be surprised to see them taking turns on blowing one another and nailing their asses. As soon as the cameras started rolling these two were already all over each other and stayed that way for the entire scene. It isn’t hard to tell which of them is the horniest, just look at Brent in action. Mason is really trying to keep with him but this guy is on a completely different level. He just can’t keep his hands to himself, he’s all over Mason. But don’t feel bad for Mason, it’s not like he doesn’t like this. Trust us he is going to love what’s about to happen next!

He might seem shy at first but once the clothes are off we are going to see the side of Mason we all love. The jocks continued by pleasing one another and it didn’t took them too long until the guys started blowing one another’s dick and then taking them up their perfect asses as the cameras were still rolling. There’s a lot happening on that living room sofa and we insist that you check it all out. The link is waiting for you guys below so don’t be shy. Stay tuned because we got a lot more coming!


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