Mason Wyler
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Mason and Aryx Quinn

Nothing compares to a little business affair or at least that’s what Mason Wyler and Aryx Quinn thought. These two had a blast sucking one another’s dick and then fucking their asses in that hotel room. This is a great way to celebrate a new partner and Mason is all in for this celebration. Mason loves recruiting new people to help him out and when he really likes someone he makes sure that he shows them a really nice time. And this way they can all show Mason just how grateful they are for the opportunity. That’s why in this one you are going to see Aryx doing most of the work for his new boss in the sack.  Aryx didn’t mind at all doing it because he really needed the job so this was perfectly timed and the right way to seal the deal.


Once they got in MasonWyler ‘s hotel room and the clothes came off Aryx started working on pleasing his hot boss and he started it all with a blowjob. The ripped jock then let his horny boss get a piece of his tight ass. It was the perfect ending to seal the deal the right way. But there is a lot more that you need to see, so don’t hurry anymore and make sure you get to see them all. You didn’t really think that was all of it right? Mason has a few more surprises prepared for you.

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