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Mason and AJ Irons

Well, now this is an outdoor activity you gotta love. It’s nothing like some outdoor fucking, especially when Mason Wyler is involved. But before we get to Mason blowing this guy’s dick let us tell you how he ended here. Everyone knows that Mason has his methods of getting guys and when he’s not in the gym he’s outdoor at games. He really likes athletic guys, but you must’ve noticed it in the latest updates too. The hot hunk really loves guys with great bodies, not just a nice smile and a great place to find them gotta be the field. Just look at this guy below, that ripped off body can you blame Mason? He is, of course, a football player and from time to time likes messing around with other dudes. Not a bad habit we might add and not surprisingly at all they both share the same hobby.

Well, this worked out perfectly for Mason Wyler because that’s just what he was going after. It’s no wonder that the guy was into Mason and they end up getting to know one another much better right next to the football field. The fact that they could easily get caught spiced things up for them even more. But at the end of the day, Mason delivered another amazing update and we get to see him again sucking and riding a dick and that’s always great news for us. We’re going to see you tomorrow for another scene!


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