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Intimate Session

Today you are going to see a more intimate session featuring your favorite hot hunk Mason Wyler. He’s not alone in this one as you can see from the preview below, Mason is busy sucking off his big dick. There’s no surprise that Mason picked this guy, he’s cute and all but that dick is what convinced him. No wonder why! Mason found this one at the gym he’s going to and after seeing the guy without a towel stepping out of the shower he knew that he had to have him. That’s why he loves going to the gym, not because it helps him get in shape but it’s the easiest way to meet new guys.

This is also the only way to get a full view of the guy you are taking home and this way you aren’t going to have any surprises in the bedroom. So it’s no wonder that Mason picked this one, he just wanted he needed and now there was only one thing left to do, find a way to get him home. The guy was also into dudes a direct approach is what got the deal sealed. The intimate session took place in his bedroom and as you can see, he can’t take enough of his hard dick and didn’t stop sucking until he got drenched in jizz. This is just a small part of what happened there so be ready to see a lot more in the gallery below!


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