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Mason Wyler Video – Insane Threesome

Another awesome week and time for one more incredible Mason Wyler video for you to enjoy. This time the guy continues his sex adventures with another group of two guys as horny as him and the trio intends to make the session awesome today. The three of them went to a private room in a hotel where they’d have the privacy needed to make the threesome happen away from prying eyes. Suffice to say that you won’t regret watching these guys have their fun in this video scene for your enjoyment. So let’s watch the show.

The three guys start off their sex session with some nice and juicy blowjobs. And you just have to see the trio as they take turns and switch around when they’re trying to suck their partner’s big dicks. Eventually they just want to start planting their cocks in one another asses so they get completely nude to do so. So without further due, sit back and watch the fuck fest as it unfolds with no ass left unattended by the eager cocks today. Like always enjoy the MasonWyler content and await more for the next time we’ll be back. until next time everyone!

Mason Wyler Video – Hotel Fucking

Hey there everyone, we’re returning today with one awesome update. We’re happy to show off this Mason Wyler video to you today and we’re super pumped with the outcome. The horny guy went downtown to some bars tonight and he was intending to spend the whole evening drinking, having fun and perhaps returning home with a hit guy to fuck. Suffice to say he did all of these things and so he managed to find himself in the morning in one more random hotel room with a horny and hot guy.

It was all a bit blurry but it seems that he didn’t make a bad choice though. And they went for another morning sex session when Mason came to his senses. Afterwards his reward was to hear all about what he did the passed night and how he got to score with such a hot guy. The dude told Mason that when they reached the hotel they engaged in some very awesome and hard style sex for the night. And it seemed that Mason really liked going balls deep in the random guy’s ass. We’ll bring you more of MasonWyler next week with another update, and don’t forget that you can find videos like this inside website. So enjoy!

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Mason’s Solo Scene

Remember a few updates back when Mason Wyler presented you with his gorgeous body? Well today he’s bringing back the same treatment as then, as he takes a spot on the brown leather couch to relax for the evening. So let’s get this show started and see what he’s got. At the beginning of the shoot he makes his entry all proud like the sexy stud he is and he takes his spot on the said couch. Once there he starts undressing while posing and massaging his ripped body for your viewing pleasure.

As soon as he’s completely nude, though, well then the thing changes, you know how horny this guy can become and he’s not letting anything stand in the way of his pleasure. He reaches down to his cock and slowly starts to jerk off while looking directly at the camera. He then then works up speed and force going harder and harder in his jerk off session until he can no longer last and blows his load all over his body. Enjoy this as always and we’ll be back yet again next week with more content. See you then! IF you wanna see other super hot guy jerking off his huge dick, check out hot asian male Peter.


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Jizz Fest

In today’s Mason Wyler update we have Mason enjoying some hard cock with another one of his friends. If you don’t know by know, you’ll come to realize quickly that this hot stud never has a shortage of gay friends to spend some hard core sex sessions with any time he needs to do so. Today he gets together with another one of his buddies and they are all set to have some sex in this lazy afternoon. They head back to the guy’s place after walking around a bit and Mason was already looking forward to the whole fucking.

Once at the dude’s place the makes quick work of his clothes and kneels down as his friend is already waiting with his cock out for him to start sucking. Yeah, this guy is also another dude that likes to take the lead and MasonWyler has no choice but to comply if he’s to enjoy the whole thing today. So watch as your favorite guy turns submissive for this day, as he starts sucking that big meat pole. So sit back and relax, watch the show and stay tuned for more content next time. Until then enjoy this one and we’ll see you soon.


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Mason Wyler Pics

Today we bring you two very hot Mason Wyler pics galleries and we’re sure that you will enjoy them to the fullest. For the first one Mason makes a bet that he loses versus a guy at pool so he has to present him with his ass for a good fucking. He bet the guy that he wouldn’t make a trick shot and amazingly he did manage to do it so Mason had no choice but to put up his ass for the guy’s big dick. And the guy sure doesn’t go easy on our guy’s ass in this one, you‘ll see what we mean by the end.

For the second part Mason meets up with another guy to have some sex this afternoon. The guy is an enthusiast for hardcore sex and every time he meets up with Mason, Mason ends up on the receiving end, and always getting his ass thoroughly plowed by the guy. Not that he minds it really as he always likes to feel that big cock of his buddy’s stuck up his ass. So without further due, sit back and enjoy Mason taking another hard style fucking by his buddy today/ Like always we hope you enjoyed and we’ll see you next week with more content. And if you can’t resist until the next week’s update check out website and find similar videos.


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Mason Wyler – Backyard Fuck

This week Mason Wyler returns in full force as he’s about to engage in one hard style and how back yard sex scene with one of his friends. Remember the guy that usually visits him to have some sex every now and then? Well the dude has just caught a grill and he invited Mason over to his place to spend the afternoon together. So Mason just got in his car and bolted towards his buddy’s place already anticipating what to do next. Once he arrived his buddy greeted him with open arms and the two headed back to his back yard.

Once there MasonWyler gets to drinking some beer and enjoying some grilled food made by his friend. And they also catch up on the latest news. But as always there’s nothing stopping these horny dudes to have fun whenever they want to. So Mason soon starts undressing and shows off his big dick to his buddy, all the while the guy doing the same. Mason takes the role of sucking this time as he wants his buddy to feel special today. Watch them fuck hard style in the yard today and enjoy the gallery. Like always we’ll have more for you next time but if you can’t resist until then you can visit Brent Everett's site and have a great time watching another super hot gay pornstar getting hard fucked. Bye!


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Dildo Fucking Scene

Mason Wyler returns again today with another sweet update. Today the horny stud wanted to do a solo session for you guys to enjoy the view of him as he’s pleasing himself with some toys and his expert hands. Mason really enjoys being solo on the cameras as well so in this hard workout scene he’s showing off everything that he’s got. In this scene the stud will take a seat on the bright red leather couch to show off how he fucks himself with a big toy that he sticks in his ass. And believe us when we tell you that you won’t want to miss this update guys.

As he takes his spot on the couch he starts off to massage his shredded body and and showing it off to the camera. Once he’s all nude, he’s ready to bust out his toys to begin his self pleasuring session. So as he’s starting to slowly jerk off and stroke his big cock he also pulls out a dildo that he slowly inserts into his ass. And as the speed of his hand stroking his dick increases so does the speed of the dildo fucking his ass. Watch him truly fuck himself today for your pleasure and enjoy the show. We’ll see you next time with more content.


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Mason Wyler – Ass Fuck

A fresh week and time for another Mason Wyler update. Today Mason went on a little surprise holiday and he seems to have ended up in a bed with a random dude once again. He got kind of wasted the day before so somehow he arrived at the coast in a hotel and with a hot guy next to him. Turns out that the two spent the whole night fucking and is seems that Mason here picked him up at the bar the said night. These handsome guys went back to the apartment and they spent the whole night fucking one another’s tight asses.

Be sure that when Mason woke up with this guy next to him and found out what happened, he didn’t want the guy to just leave, he also wanted to spend some extra time with the dude for a early morning fuck as well. So without further due, sit back and enjoy the two guys fucking once again in the early morning for your enjoyment. You won’t regret stopping by to enjoy the view of these two today. Rest assured we’re going to be back again next week with more of your favorite guy Mason Wyler. See you next time guys! For similar content, check out the play the wedding scene and have fun!


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Sucking and Fucking

Mason Wyler returns this week with one more of his updates for you guys. This time the horny hunk organized a very nice and relaxing party with a few of his good looking mates, just like hot gay ButchDixon. Oh, you can be sure that all of them made time to get together at this guy’s place since they know just what follows in every one of his little get-togethers. So as the guests keep on arriving Mason keeps welcoming them one after the other and then takes them all to the living room where they can chat and have a clod beer while doing so. So let’s enjoy the show.

Just like you’d expect these guys got turned on fast and with that it was time and the signal for the whole fuck fest to begin with all the horny dudes that where there that night. And this is exactly why they all attend Mason’s parties every time the guy throws them. They are always sure that Mason will throw in that element of hot sex every time so they have something to look forward to. So without further due, sit back and enjoy this superb update with these 4 guys as they have hard core gay sex for the cameras today. Enjoy and see you next time!


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Mason Wyler Porn Scene

Hey there again guys, today we bring you another Mason Wyler porn update with the super hot stud in another sex encounter. Just like horny Austin he always like to met new guys so for today he decided to hit some “specialty” clubs in hopes that he might find some fresh cock to have his fun with for the evening. So as he arrives, he just orders a drink and starts scoping out the place to see what studs are in display for the night. Soon enough he spots one guy that strikes his fancy and he goes to try and have a little chat with him, who knows maybe he’ll get lucky tonight.

Turns out that the other guy was there for exactly the same reason as Mason so the two could relate in an instant. they spent some time chatting but they were headed to mason’s place soon after they left the club. Once back at his place, Mason takes the time to undress his new guy friend and relieve him of his pants. And you don’t have to tell our guy twice to take an action, because as soon as he saw that cock in front of him we went full man slut mode and just jumped on it. Watch Mason as he sucks his new friend’s cock tonight.


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